Cross Weight

Corner Balancing
                    Corner balancing greatly helps the handling of any type of race car. We perform all of our corner balancing on a leveled alignment rack. We place all four corners of your vehicle on individual computerized scale pads. We then adjust ride height to achieve a 50 percent cross weight for road race and autocross vehicles or a 50 percent rear  side to side weight for drag race vehicles. This is all done with ballast installed in proper locations to simulate drivers weight and fuel load as raced.


Street Car- We first install ballast to simulate drivers weight. We then perform a complete four wheel alignment setting caster, camber and toe to exact measurements. (within spec is just not good enough)   

Performance Alignment- 

Road Race and Autocross- We first talk with you to establish  your handling preferences and driving style. We then  install ballast to simulate drivers weight and fuel load as  raced. After checking the ride height we perform a four wheel alignment that will best suit your vehicle and driving style.


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